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Detachable Waste Receptacle Lid by Texacraft

ID: TEX-M31090-LID

$279.00 More Colors Available!
Commercial Towel Bin with Sling Sides by Texacraft


$359.00 More Colors Available!
32 Gallon Commercial Waste Receptacle with Sling Sides with Lid and Liner by Texacraft


$414.00 More Colors Available!
Nexus Driftwood Woven Commercial Waste Receptacle with 32 Gallon Liner by Texacraft

ID: TEX-M77040D

Nexus Rosewood Woven Commercial Waste Receptacle with 32 Gallon Liner by Texacraft

ID: TEX-M77040

POLYWOOD Garden Planter


$210.00 $175.00

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Commercial Smoker's Butler by Texacraft


$234.00 More Colors Available!
KL Designs Bird of Paradise Outdoor Ashtray

ID: KLD-Bird_of_Paradise

$325.00 $249.00

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KL Designs Coffee Cup Outdoor Ashtray

ID: KLD-Coffee_Cup

$506.00 $249.00

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KL Designs Gentlemen's Club Outdoor Ashtray (Dress not included)

ID: KLD-Gentlemens_Club

$325.00 $249.00

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KL Designs Golf Flag Outdoor Ashtray

ID: KLD-Golf_Flag

$349.00 $249.00

Save 29% Today!

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KL Designs Hibiscus Outdoor Ashtray

ID: KLD-Hibiscus

$300.00 $249.00

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KL Designs Martini Glass Outdoor Ashtray

ID: KLD-Martini_Glass

$506.00 $249.00

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KL Designs Yard of Ale Outdoor Ashtray

ID: KLD-Yard

$506.00 $249.00

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Smoker Product - AU10EXP by Leisure Creations


32 Gallon Commercial Deco Bin with Lid and Liner by Texacraft

ID: TEX-M1600R

$278.00 More Colors Available!
Commercial Aluminum Alloy Smoker's Bin by Texacraft


KL Designs Triple Lily Outdoor Ashtray

ID: KLD-Triple_Lily

$644.00 $299.00

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32 Gallon Crossweave Deco Commercial Bin with Lid and Liner by Texacraft


$306.00 More Colors Available!
Commercial Charcoal Barbecue Grill with Shelf by Texacraft

ID: TEX-M578-1

Smoker Product - AU10 by Leisure Creations


Strap Waste Receptacle with Liner by Leisure Creations

ID: LC-B321

Crossweave Waste Receptacle with Liner by Leisure Creations


$387.00 More Colors Available!
32-Gallon Expanded Receptacle by Leisure Creations


$389.00 More Colors Available!
Product Is Out Of Stock

Commercial Outdoor Accessories

Commercial Outdoor Accessories All business owners know that every business venture comes with some level of stress, but that's not to say that it has to. At the very least there should be aspects of your venture that are completely stress free and one thing that should never be stressful is choosing your contract patio furnishings. For those business owners who have had an unfortunate experience shopping for commercial furniture and commercial outdoor accessories, the time has come to let go of the frustration and finally experience stress-free shopping with the commercial sales department!
In addition to a large line of restaurant furniture and other commercial site furnishings, you will be happy to know that we also offer a large selection of commercial outdoor accessories. Although many accessories have multiple names, the bottom line is that we have a large selection that will suit just about any company's needs! For instance, a commercial trash can is also called a waste receptacle, trash receptacle, waste container, or garbage can. The same is true for something such as an outdoor ashtray. Ashtrays can also be called smoking receptacles, cigarette receptacles, or ash urns. The point is, remember not to be discouraged or confused by the different names for products. Let go of the stress and know that whatever you call it, you will find what you're looking for. The good news is that we don't only offer accessories in the form of receptacles; with us you will find a wide range of outdoor accessories from outdoor ashtrays and waste receptacles to bike racks and picnic tables!
We at understand that every business owner is different, that every company strives to emit a different persona, and that every company has different clientele. This is why we strive to carry commercial products that will suit each business owner and each company's needs. We also understand that every business owner not only needs but deserves a hassle-free positive experience when it comes to furnishing both the indoor and outdoor spaces of your business. This is why we make every effort to provide you with nothing less than extraordinary customer service!
To receive pricing or ask questions about any of our commercial products, please contact our fantastic commercial sales team at 1-800-940-6123.
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