Commercial Furniture Delivery, Installation & Procedures Process


The following is an outline of what to prepare for and expect for large furniture shipments when installation services are not part of the agreement.  It is best that all parties involved read and understand this process to prevent potential issues.  


If you do not have the available staff, handyman and or qualified persons available, please notify us and we can provide a proposal for services as required within the Southern California Area. 


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  1. Shipping Notification: You will typically be notified when the manufacture has shipped the itemsThis is usually within a week’s time frame of delivery.


  1. Delivery Notification: Most delivery company’s will contact the designated person a day or two ahead and may schedule a general time frame of 8AM to 1PM etc. However, at times this task is not always accomplished as planned for various reasons. Technically Freight Company’s can only guarantee a delivery between 8AM to 5PM.  It is best to be prepared to receive items outside of the scheduled time frame. If someone is routinely present on site all day to accept delivery such as a maintenance person, day porter, security, homeowner, etc., it is helpful. If not, you must arrange for a person to be at the location during delivery hours.  It’s not difficult, it’s just time consuming waiting for delivery.


  1. Delivery Trucks: Freight trucks are usually very large and delivering to residential addresses can be somewhat difficult navigating through communities, finding addresses, parking spots, contact persons, etc.  So, it is best if the receiver understands this task, and is at the location until the items are delivered.  If you can provide the contact persons name and cell phone ahead of time and prior to order it can be helpful. 


  1. Delivery of items from different manufactures: On occasion certain items may be purchased from different manufactures, such as umbrellas, bases, trash receptacles, etc. These items will not be delivered at the same time as they originate from different locations.  We will do our best to coordinate delivery on the same day as possible, but be prepared to handle them on separate days if needed. 


  1. Off Loading:Upon arrival, drivers are technically only required to take items to the "back of truck” for off loading because most freight locations have forklifts at a warehouse to offload. The truck may or may not have a lift gate and pallet jack to make it easier.  If items are palletized and a lift gate is not available, it helps to take the boxes off the pallet in the truck and offload by hand. A standard utility, pocketknife and or wire snips to cut the straps and shrink-wrap may be needed.  Many drivers will keep the pallets if you don’t want them, but not always. You may be required to dispose of the pallets along with the packaging materials and boxes. Most drivers will help take the items off the back of the truck, but are not required to because of injury and liability reasons. They will not bring your items to any location other then the street where they have offloaded and or provide any type of installation services. Usually two people are needed to remove items from the truck and take to desired area for unpacking.  One strong person may be able to accomplish this task. The boxes are not extremely heavy, just large and bulky.  A four-wheeled furniture dolly is helpful to move boxes around. 


  1. Acceptance: Make sure to count all boxes and confirm the units on the bill of lading.  Important Note: If you see any damage on boxes or to furnishings “during acceptance” make a note on the bill of lading when you sign for it. Make sure it’s noted on the copy that the driver keeps as well.  Then notify us immediately and we will rectify the situation.  A general picture of the damaged boxes and or items taken from a cell phone is useful. 


  1. Unpacking:Typically it’s easiest to unpack items where you offloaded them, and or in a shaded area closest to location where the furniture will eventually be moved too. A utility knife is required to cut boxes open.  Be careful not to cut furnishings inside of boxes while opening, as it would not be covered under warranty.  Once items are out of the box, be prepared to remove a substantial amount of protective wrapping paper and packaging materials.  Large trash bags are helpful for packing materials.


  1. Staging Furnishings:It helps to have a pre-written diagram of where you would like the furnishings to be staged ahead of time. We have found that you can easily print your pool or patio areas from Google maps on satellite mode and draw in the desired locations of the furnishings.  Carrying the large furniture by hand from the un-packaging area is usually best. Trying to stack and dolly the large items for moving after they have been unwrapped only tends to scratch or damage them. Note: Umbrellas, bases and smaller items are easiest moved to the final placement location prior to unpacking.  


  1. Disposing of Packaging: Depending on the amount of furnishings, be prepared to transport boxes, pallets and packing material to the local city or county disposal site. Most of the time it is too much to handle in your local community dumpster.  The packaging is all standard materials and is not hazardous or subject to any additional fees at the disposal site.  We have found that you can take the cardboard and most materials to a recycling center for free disposal as well. 


  1. Removal of Existing Furnishings: Items can be taken to the local disposal site.  We have found that on some occasions a service such as Salvation Army, or thrift stores, etc., may come and take some or all off the furnishings as a donation.   As well, you can place an ad in craigslist (with images) to either sell or have it picked up for free.   Also, you may let your residents know and they may take some for personal use.  


Recommended Tools and Items:

Utility knife

Wire snips

Trash bags

Four wheeled furniture dolly is helpful but not required

Truck or trailer to remove packaging materials and old furnishings to disposal site



Thank you for your business, please contact us if you have any questions!


Todd Chism/ CEO

PatioShoppers Commercial Services

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