Sling Replacement


1.  Remove the end plugs from the end of the sling track with a flat head screwdriver (B).

2.  Cut the old sling from top to bottom and slide it from the sling rail (E).

3.  Remove the bolts with a 3/16” alien head wrench (A).

4.  Remove the seat frame (F) and the support rods (C and D) from the chair frame.

5.  Slide the new sling into the sling track (F).

6.  Put the sling track (F) back into the chair frame.

7.  Tighten each bolt until the bolt is secured tightly within 1/4” of the side frame.

8.  Put the chair on its side (lay chair on a soft surface to protect the frame from scratches) and replace the support rods. Put one end of the support rod into the sling track extrusion and flex the rod until the other hole on the opposite sling rail can be engaged.

9.  Tighten each bolt until the sling track contacts the side frame.

10.  Replace the end caps.

Sling Replacement with Spreader Tool


Purchase a Trigger Clamp (as shown below) at any home improvement center. By reversing the clamps you can change the clamp to a spreader.

1.  Slit old sling down from top of chair to bottom.

2.  Take end caps off sling extrusion and pullout nylon spline (needle nose pliers may help).

3.  Back alien head riv-nuts off one side of chair completely. Top and bottom U-shaped stretchers will fall off at this time.

4.  Lubricate sling tracks with liquid soap.

5.  Slide new sling on the extrusion still attached to the chair.

6.  Next, slide new sling on loose sling extrusion.

7.  Refasten bolts through sling extrusion into frame and tighten 75%.

8.  Use sling tool to stretch frame and replace top and bottom stretcher bars.

9.  Pull end of fabric to straighten.

10. Tighten riv-nut bolts completely.