Sunglo Patio Heater Floor Clamp Kit

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Sunglo Patio Heater Floor Clamp Kit
Intended to provide supplementary safety and stability for our portable patio heaters this Sunglo Pater Heater Floor Clamp Kit is easy to install and use with your portable patio heater.  Simply place the heater on a level and stable surface place clamps at equal distance around the circular base as shown and tighten the clamps securely to edge of the base using the lag bolts provided!
Special Features
  • This product is custom made and is non-refundable and cannot be canceled. Any changes must be made within 24 hours.
  • Adds stability to your portable patio heater!
  • Easy to install!
  • For A242 and A270 Patio Heaters
  • Each clamp measures 2" x 1.5".