Rechargeable Umbrella LED Light Bar System for Frankford Umbrellas

Frankford Umbrellas
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Rechargeable LED Light Bar System For Frankford Umbrellas

These rechargeable lights are great for commercial or residential use on many of the Frankford brand umbrellas. LED Light Bars are sold individually. They have a rechargeable ion battery that will give up to 10hrs of continuous light at 100% full power 24hrs on 50% power and 36hrs of strobe lighting. All LED Lights come with attachment clips for your specific umbrella.
How to Use
Press the power button for 1 second to check the battery level display. To turn ON/OFF press and hold the button for 2 seconds. To change lighting mode press again to desired level.
Special Features
  • Adjustable lighting
  • Rechargeable - Holds 10hrs of continuous light at 100% or 24hrs on 50% or 36hrs of strobe lighting
  • Two levels of brightness allows you to run the lights longer if you need to