Infratech 39" 5000 Watt 240 Volt Dual Quartz Electric Outdoor Heater

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Infratech 39" 5000 Watt 240 Volt Dual Quartz Heater



Product Highlights:


  • This product is custom made and is non-refundable and cannot be canceled. Any changes must be made within 24 hours.
  • Maximum Efficiency
  • Heats indoors and outdoors
  • Provides spot heat to exposed areas
  • Simple low cost installation
  • No moving parts - low maintenance
  • Wide range of accessories available including control panels that are compatible with Crestron Leutron Control 4 and many more home management systems
  • Safety Systems: 100% safety shut-off
  • Can be wired to allow the unit to operate at either 50% or 100% heat output



Product Description:


This dual element electric patio heater produces more concentrated heat and can be mounted up to 12 feet high. These fixtures are ideal for use in settings that require higher mounting height requirements or when more intense directional heat is desired. Infrared or radiant energy is the most practical way to add warmth to spaces like patios terraces verandas enclosed areas or any indoor or outdoor setting where heated air cannot easily be contained and re-circulated. A heated quartz element emits a safe clean wavelength of light that is only absorbed by solid objects transferring heat directly to a person table or floor rather than heating the air. For this reason infrared heat can be distributed very evenly and will not simply "blow away" in windy or drafty conditions. Infratech medium wave quartz element heaters emit a barely discernible pleasing glow that will not affect the ambience of your gathering - unlike competitive short-wave or halogen electric heaters that produce a very harsh glare or bright-colored light.


Protecting our environment has become a top priority in recent years. With Infratech heaters you can entertain outside without producing the negative environmental effects created by most gas-fired heaters or outdoor fireplaces. Traditional gas burners are often less than 50% efficient and emit carbon monoxide and other hazardous gases as a by-product of combustion and burning fuel. By contrast these energy-efficient infrared fixtures convert over 90% of input energy directly into radiant heat and operate for just pennies per hour. Infratech electric infrared heaters are safe for use outdoors or indoors operate silently emit no greenhouse gases or unpleasant odors and do not require ventilation. In addition Infratech comfort heater components and packaging are completely recyclable.