Infratech Motif 39" Dual Element 5000 Watt 240 Volt Quartz Heater

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Infratech Motif 39" Dual Element 5000 Watt 240 Volt Quartz Heater



Product Highlights:


  • This product is custom made and is non-refundable and cannot be canceled. Any changes must be made within 24 hours.
  • Available in Contemporary, Craftsman, Mediterranean or Traditional Designs
  • Ideal choice for recessed installation, premium outdoor heating applications, and spaces with 8' to 12' mounting heights and large-scale coverage areas
  • Energy-efficient heating solution that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Developed for use in high visual impact locations where their sleek design blends seamlessly
  • Typically installed with our custom controls, to vary the electric load for comfortable heat in a wide range of conditions
  • May also be installed with Duplex/Stack Switches for effectively a half-power or full-power option
  • Convert over 90% of input energy directly into radiant heat
  • Operate with zero greenhouse gases or odors and are UL Listed
  • Have minimal clearance requirements
  • Minimal Maintenance Costs
  • Offer infinite heat intensity control and zoning capabilities with timer and remote options
  • Emit a pleasing, ambient glow
  • For residential and commercial use



Product Description:


If you're looking to keep a larger patio area warm during breezy evenings and desire the convenience and efficiency of Infratech Radiant Outdoor Heaters then our Infratech Motif 39" 5000 Watt 240 Volt Electric Radiant Outdoor Heates an er ixcellent choice for you.


Infratech redesigned dual MOTIF Collection Heaters an excellent choice for most basic installations that require cost-effective controls. CD-Series heaters are available in a variety of wattages and voltages ranging from 4,000 to 6,000 watts, and 208 to 480 volts. These classic heaters feature sleek profiles, short standoffs, low clearance heights, and a beautiful contemporary fascia. The contemporary fascia has been designed to add visual interest to any modern structure. Whether it be a home or commercial building. It is inspired by the clean lines and iconic forms of the minimalist, modern, and mid-century aesthetic traditions.