7.5' Monterey Wind Proof Commercial Umbrella

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7.5' Monterey Wind Proof Commercial Umbrella



Product Highlights:


  • Heavy Duty Crank with a 2 year Commercial Warranty!!!
  • Heavy fiberglass skeleton gives it wind resistant strength
  • Sunbrella quality fabric which is fade resistant and last longer than other fabrics!
  • Umbrella pole comes in two pieces and has a double wall strength in the bottom pole coupling
  • Resort quality 2.3 mm thickness aluminum pole
  • Heavy gauge resin and stainless steel parts
  • In extremely wind prone areas a heavier base may be required. Please contact us for questions.



Product Description:


This 7.5' Monterey Wind Proof Commercial Umbrella is spectacular!  The heavy duty crank features a 2 year commercial warranty!!! This is unheard of in the industry. It is a commercial quality umbrella with fiberglass ribs and a heavy fiberglass skeleton. The strength of these fiberglass components mean that you are buying a virtually wind proof umbrella! This fantastic umbrella also features a 2.3mm thickness aluminum pole plus heavy gauge resin and stainless steel parts for added strength and durability. To top it off it also has a crank lift system. This means that you can raise and lower the canopy using an easy-to-use crank instead of trying to raise it manually! With these amazing features the longevity of the umbrella and one of the best warranties on the market - you can't go wrong!


But that's not all - this umbrella is also offered in many Sunbrella quality fabrics! The best part is this means that your umbrella canopy will also be strong and durable!