54" Round Commercial Balcony Height Table Base by Texacraft

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54" Round Commercial Balcony Height Table Base by Texacraft 



Product Highlights:


  • Created from solid cast aluminum
  • Balcony Table Height
  • Fits 54" 55" 60" round tops and a 64" hexagonal dining table top (ID's): MESL-054 MCAS-054 MCAN-054 MSTP-054 MSOL-054 MTUS-055 MESL-H64
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 44.5" x 44.5" x 32"
  • Requires some assembly
  • For Commercial Customers Only



Product Description: 


All our furniture is created from non-rusting aluminum. Whether the frames are extruded (hollow tubes of aluminum formed and welded) or solid cast you can rest assured that the quality of the raw material are of the highest grade and meet industry standards for commercial use. Heliarc welding processes are utilized which ensure the strongest welds possible for aluminum joints.


Texacraft Furniture manufacturing facility includes an on-site aluminum foundry where all cast aluminum components are created. This eliminates outside vendors who most other manufacturers rely upon for their cast furniture. We are able to closely monitor the quality of the castings and ensure that the aluminum used in the casting process is pure aluminum. An additional step in the casting process involves "out gassing" which removes gas bubbles in the melting process which if not removed will cause weak aluminum when the trapped bubbles cure in the poured aluminum molds. These bubbles would result in broken aluminum parts due to the porous casting. This is a step that many casting companies would eliminate.


Texacraft Furniture also offers two primary categories of frame finishes - Standard and Premium. Standard finishes are a one-step application process whereas Premium Finishes are a multi-Step process. The Premium finishes involve hand-applied paint by skilled artists. But even before the finish is applied the frames undergo an extensive 45 minute preparatory process that cleanses the frames in order to receive the final finish.