Wood Outdoor Umbrellas:  Looking for a beautiful umbrella for your outdoor patio area? With hundreds of outdoor shade options\to choose from, you have come to the right place. Whether it’s a solid wood pole umbrella with marine grade Sunbrella fabrics, or a wood umbrella with specialty crank, tilt features or rope, pulley and pin, we’ve got you covered.


There is a general misconception in the outdoor furniture industry about what the difference between a market and patio umbrella is. Traditionally, we have found that a market umbrella typically refers to an outdoor wood umbrella that is used in the commercial market place, outdoor restaurant, and bistro areas or anywhere the general public congregates for outdoor relaxation, dining and events.  


With technology on the rise, many different types of aluminum patio umbrellas have taken the place of wood market umbrellas due to their strength and durability in the outdoor environments. Even if a wood market umbrella has a solid pole and is heavy duty, it may not stand up as long as an aluminum umbrella, strictly due to the flexibility in the aluminum composition.  However, in recent times there are new types of wood umbrellas that have extra options added to them, like steel poles or shafts that have been drilled and inserted into the main core of the wood umbrella pole to give added strength from wind and abuse cause by persons utilizing the umbrellas.


Wood outdoor umbrellas can range in prices, from an inexpensive sixty nine dollars to a few thousand, depending on the features included, such as Sunbrella fabrics, cranks, pulleys, tilts mechanisms, metal or brass fittings or thick solid wood poles.   The choices you make when deciding on a particular wood market umbrella depends on your own experiences and desired goals for the furnishing you are about to purchase.
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