Pool furnishings are a necessity for most common pool areas. Here are a few tips to reduce operating costs by prolonging the useful life and eliminating liability issues by maintaining your investment and choosing proper furnishings when going out to bid.


Existing Furniture Maintenance and Inspection-


  • While this procedure is often overlooked, it is recommended that all pool and patio furniture be inspected for proper operation and cleaned “properly” 4 -12 times per year (if not more) depending on the traffic and use.  Cleaning must be performed with a mild degreasing type of product such as Dawn dishwashing detergent.  Simply, rinsing with fresh water and wiping will not suffice to increase the useful life.  The challenge is the suntan lotions, insect sprays, body oils, bird feces, etc. that actually promote deterioration of the sling, straps and cushion fabrics.  It is critical to use a mild detergent in your regular maintenance routine. See cleaning procedures here:  pages/How_to_Clean_Your_Outdoor_Furniture.html


  • Inspection - Check for broken welds, loose screws, broken straps, tears in slings, broken glides, missing components, leveling set screws, broken umbrella cranks, rib arms, tilts, etc. Any maintenance staff can perform these duties. Inspection should be performed at least 4 times per year. TIP: Check with your pool service, janitorial and handyman vendors. Some vendors will provide these services at an additional cost to their regular routine. We can also perform inspection services, if needed, in the Southern California area. 


  • Important Note: Inspecting units is the number one way to reduce hazards and lawsuits in regards to pool furnishing mishaps. Imagine if one chaise lounge has a minor tear in the fabric and or the weld is broken and a patron falls to the ground being harmed. Lawsuits of this type are too common in communities these days. One lawsuit can result in hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars if negligence is proven. A good maintenance program along with proper records will go a long way with court proceedings. 


  • Cleaning - All Sling, Strap, Cushion and Metal furnishings can be routinely cleaned with a water and mild detergent (such as Dawn dish soap) solution. Mix 1/8 - 1/4 cup of Dawn per 5 gallons of water. For heavy stains and buildup of oils and tanning lotions you can use 1/2 cup of Dawn per 5 gallons of water. On vinyl straps you can add 1/2 cup of white vinegar to solution. “Do Not” use bleach or solvents such as Methyl, ethyl, ketone, acetone or paint thinner, as it can void your warranty. For extra tough stains contact PatioShoppers for more help and we can direct you.   


To clean always start by brushing off loose dirt and debris, rinse with a garden hose, and then softly scrub furnishings with a SOFT scrub brush, and final rinse, as needed. Let the cleaning solution dwell and or soak into cushions and slings prior to scrubbing. Periodic application of paste or clear automobile wax can be added to smooth frame finishes and vinyl straps to protect against exposure to sunlight and salt air and help prolong the useful life of the furniture. Armor All can be used on straps as well. NOTE: Pressure washers are highly discouraged as they can strip powder coatings, scratch finishes, mar and tear fabrics.