Just say no to Wood, Crank and Tilt Umbrellas!  



The number one misused, broken and hazardous furniture related item is the patio umbrella. Take a few moments to learn some quick tips when ordering shade for your properties. 



❖ Crank Umbrellas - Most reputable commercial manufacturers DO NOT recommend cranks or tilts in any location where the public has access. Cranks are the number one item that break from improper use and children playing with them.



❖ Tilt Umbrellas - Tilts can actually be a huge liability for any location with public access, including HOA's, residential communities, restaurants, hotels, parks, etc. Tilts constantly break and can be prone to eye and head damage from misuse and or mishaps caused from patrons using the umbrella incorrectly. 



❖ Manual Lift Umbrellas - Manual lift and or pulley and pin type of units are recommended for commercial environments. Not only will they prevent safety hazards they will 2-3 times longer reducing your overall operating budget.



❖ Fiberglass Rib Arms - A recent trend for long-lasting umbrellas is to have fiberglass rib arms which are flexible in the wind and prevent breakage during falls. The flexibility is its strength. Even better, some umbrellas now have easy replacement rib arms that only cost around $20.00 to repair instead of a total frame replacement that can cost much more.



Insurance: Make sure to include pool furnishings liability on your association’s master policy. Many times it is simply forgotten about.



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