Patio Umbrella or Market Umbrella - The differences between them: 

One of the most common questions we receive in the patio furniture industry is the misunderstanding about the differences between a patio umbrella and market umbrella?  Traditionally, we’ve found that a market umbrella typically refers to an outdoor wood umbrella that is used in the outdoor commercial dining areas, bistro type restaurants, resort & hotel pools, or basically anywhere the public visits for relaxing outdoor activities.  Years ago an interested buyer would generally speak to their local outdoor patio furniture dealer or hardware store and inquire about their market umbrella selections for outdoor shade use with the general intention of buying a wood type of market umbrella.


With technology on the rise, various types of aluminum patio umbrellas have taken the place of the old fashion wood market umbrellas due to their durability in the outdoor elements. Even if a wood market umbrella was made with a heavy duty one piece pole and strong rib arms, it still may not stand up quite as long as some of the new aluminum patio umbrellas on the market today strictly attributed to longer lasting aluminum umbrella material compositions.  Lately however, great strides have been made regarding the different types of materials used in conjunction with wood to make the market umbrella much sturdier then ever before. One manufacture we know of adds extra options like steel poles or shafts inserted through the center of the wood pole to give added strength against inclement weather and harsh usage from consumers using the umbrellas.


A great advancement in wood umbrella technology is an awesome new product called fiber teak, made by one of our Wind Resistant Umbrella manufactures, who adds resin compounds mixed together with wood fibers to make the pole flexible and then completes the unit by attaching fiberglass rib arms that actually move with the wind to bring a whole new meaning to wind resistant umbrella technology.


Prices for patio umbrellas or market umbrellas vary in cost from an the low the sixty nine dollar threshold to several thousand depending on the particular options and additional features included, such as Sunbrella furniture, awning or marine grade fabrics, cranks, pulleys, tilts, metal or brass fittings and thick solid wood poles.  There even now manufacturer patio umbrellas with remote controls that are opened and closed with touch of a button. What ever choice you make when choosing a particular type of patio umbrella for your home, garden or backyard patio setting depends on your own personal taste and desired goals for the outdoor furnishings you require.
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