Manufacturer Warranty: INFRATECH warrants that this electric heater is designed and manufactured to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from original date of purchase.
Extent of Warranty:  This warranty extends to the selling dealers to the original purchaser at the original site of installation: This warranty becomes valid at the time of purchase and ends either by specified time frame listed above, owner transfer or relocation. In order to activate the warranty we require that you send in the attached warranty registration form. This registration is for our internal use only and will only be used in the event we need to send you important safety related product information. The information will not be sold or used for any marketing related purposes.
Warranty Limitations and Exclusions:  This warranty does not apply to damages resulting from negligence, alteration, misuse, abuse, accident, natural disaster, improper installation or improper operation, unauthorized adjustments or calibrations, dings, dents, scratches, nor damages due to harsh chemicals (i.e. cleaning products improperly applied). Warrantor is not responsible for consequential or incidental damages. Under no circumstances shall INFRATECH or any of its representatives be held liable for injury to any person or damage to any property, however arising.

Important: Please retain original proof of purchase to establish warranty period.  Any implied warranties of merchantability and fitness applicable to the equipment are limited in duration to the period of coverage of this express written warranty. This warranty grants specific legal rights to the purchaser. Other rights, which may vary from state to state, may also apply. Title to the merchandise passes to the consignee upon acceptance by the carrier. After acceptance by the carrier, the merchandise travels at the risk of the purchaser. In the event of freight damage, do not refuse shipment. Advise both the freight agent and the shipper of the damage. Note the details of that damage on the freight bill before any freight charges are paid and file a claim for damages with the freight agent.