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Terrazzo Firepit Cover

ID: CLA-58992

$79.00 $37.00

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Veranda Firepit Cover

ID: CLA-78992-72942

$87.00 $37.00

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Veranda Kettle and Smoker Barbeque Covers

ID: CLA-73002_73422

$91.00 $45.00

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Hickory Fire Pit Covers w Lifetime Warranty

ID: CLA-Hickory-Fire-Pits

$84.00 $49.00

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Ravenna Round Fire Pit Cover by Classic Accessories

ID: CLA-Ravenna-Round-Firepit-Cover

$81.00 $49.00

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Terrazzo Grill Covers

ID: CLA-53912-22-42-52

$107.00 $49.00

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Ravenna Kettle Grill Cover by Classic Accessories

ID: CLA-55-178-015101-EC-Ravenna

$81.35 $55.00

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Ravenna Round Smoker Cover by Classic Accessories

ID: CLA-55-173-015101-EC-Ravenna

$87.00 $55.00

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Ravenna Square Fire Pit Cover by Classic Accessories

ID: CLA-55-148-015101-EC-Ravenna

$81.00 $55.00

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Veranda Grill Covers

ID: CLA-73912_22_42_52

$142.00 $59.00

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Hickory Grill & BBQ Covers w Lifetime Warranty

ID: CLA-Hickory-Grill--BBQ-Covers

$79.00 $65.00

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Ravenna Grill Cover by Classic Accessories

ID: CLA-Ravenna-Grill-Cover

$82.00 $68.00

Save 17% Today!

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Grill and Firepit Covers

Outdoor grilling is a popular way of cooking throughout the year. However, the weather doesn't always permit one to use this outdoor favorite all the year through. On cooler nights, sitting by a cozy firepit offers an invitation to relax and just unwind. With a sturdy firepit cover, you can ensure that the bowl of your firepit doesn't collect water or begin to crack under harsh UV rays.

When you are not using your grill or smoker, keeping it covered with a weather resistant grill cover or smoker cover will protect the unit from the effects of the elements. Each cover in our large line of grill covers and firepit covers has been treated with UV protectant and other agents that keep them from chipping or disintegrating over time.

There are many things that can get into expensive grill equipment that can affect the working power of a grilling unit. We tend to think of only the weather as an issue, but dust and dirt can also carry great implications by settling into small tubes and clogging them. There is also the chance that small animals looking for a warm home for the winter could set up camp in your unit and leave behind those things that are difficult for you to clean up.

To find the best cover in our collection, including patio table covers and patio chair covers, use the guidelines listed on our Measuring Guide to get started.

If you need assistance in finding the right patio furniture cover, one of our friendly product specialists can assist you 7 days a week. Call 1-800-940-6123 to get started!

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