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Portoreal Eucalyptus Bench

ID: IHM-BT-332

$459.00 $277.00

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Milano 4 ft Eucalyptus Bench

ID: IHM-BT-363

$487.00 $294.00

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Milano 5 ft Eucalyptus Bench

ID: IHM-BT-362

$524.00 $314.00

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Vifah Eucalyptus Decorative Wooden Garden Bench

ID: VMG-V188

$437.00 $356.00

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Vifah Eucalyptus Slatted Wooden Garden Bench

ID: VMG-V275

$881.00 $369.00

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Eucalyptus Benches

Eucalyptus benches from Patio Shoppers dress up your patio or deck with the elegant style only wood can provide. Patio benches fit into many places. Set a Eucalyptus bench at the front door, or nestle one under a shade tree in the garden. No matter where you put it, a Eucalyptus bench will blend in perfectly with its surroundings and bring warm feel into your favorite outdoor area.

Eucalyptus benches rival their Teak counterparts on every front. These patio benches are not only beautiful, but they weather well and resist all the effects of the sun, wind, rain and snow. Without treatment, Eucalyptus is strong enough to stick around for over a decade; but with the Eucalyptus patio furniture on Patio Shoppers, you get a bench that has been treated to withstand the weather even better, and will maintain its beauty and strength for years to come.

Because Eucalyptus is such a fast growing plant, this source of patio furniture is more readily available than many other types of wood; as a result, products made from Eucalyptus wood are less expensive but just as durable and elegant. The look of Eucalyptus is as rich and classic as that of Teak, with a warm honey hue that weathers into a shade of gray over time. Amazonia Furniture is finished with Polisten, a sealer applied at origin. It gives the wood a resistance to water, and also acts as a fungicide and an insecticide. This finish gives 2 to 3 years of extra life to Eucalyptus furniture that is exposed to the outdoor elements year round. The application of this product allows the continuation of the moisture exchange process.

We also carry beautiful eucalyptus patio chairs and eucalyptus carts to add to your outdoor space.

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