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32 Gallon Deco Bin

ID: WNC-M1600R

42" Round Picnic Table

ID: WNC-M115_M110

5' Bike Rack

ID: WNC-T165-5

6' Flat Park Bench

ID: WNC-126_127-6

6' Picnic Table

ID: WNC-M103-6

6' Wood Park Bench

ID: WNC-M123_125-6

6' Wood Park Bench

ID: WNC-121-6

Art Deco Style Aluminum Bench

ID: WNC-M711-6

Art Deco Style Waste Receptacle

ID: WNC-M740

Charcoal Grill

ID: WNC-T578-1

Classic Aluminum Bench

ID: WNC-M729-6

Classic Waste Receptacle

ID: WNC-M760

Crossweave Deco Bin


Round Fiberglass Receptacle

ID: WNC-M18361U

Slatted Waste Receptacle

ID: WNC-M145-2

POLYWOOD Garden Planter


$220.00 $149.00

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50 lb Freestanding QUICK SHIP Umbrella Base


$465.00 $189.00

Save 59% Today!

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70 lb QUICK SHIP Concrete Filled Round Base


$299.00 $199.00

Save 33% Today!

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Smoker Product - AU10EXP by Leisure Creations


$223.00 Free Shipping
KL Designs Coffee Cup Outdoor Ashtray

ID: KLD-Coffee_Cup

$506.00 $249.00

Save 51% Today!

Free Shipping
KL Designs Daffodil Outdoor Ashtray

ID: KLD-Daffodil

$488.00 $249.00

Save 49% Today!

Free Shipping
KL Designs Gentlemen's Club Outdoor Ashtray (Dress not included)

ID: KLD-Gentlemens_Club

$325.00 $249.00

Save 23% Today!

Free Shipping
KL Designs Golf Flag Outdoor Ashtray

ID: KLD-Golf_Flag

$349.00 $249.00

Save 29% Today!

Free Shipping
KL Designs Martini Glass Outdoor Ashtray

ID: KLD-Martini_Glass

$506.00 $249.00

Save 51% Today!

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Every company that has a high level of foot traffic on their premises will be excited by our selection of commercial patio furniture. Whether your company is an established business that has a long-standing reputation in the community or you are a start-up company striving to succeed, we are confident that you will find our selection of commercial patio furniture expansive and our commercial sales department nothing less than exquisite!

Since every company’s expectations and means are different, finding the perfect commercial patio furniture can often be difficult. You need your patio furniture to be durable and reliable. But it doesn’t end there; we also know that you need your commercial site furniture to have longevity, be functional, and also to be visually pleasing. And still – knows that even that’s not all! Sometimes, and sometimes above all, what you need is everything just mentioned in addition to the right price and the ordering process painless. To that we say, “You’re in luck!”

We at understand that every business owner is different, that every company strives to emit a different persona, and every company has different clientele. Because of this we strive to have commercial patio products available that will suit each business owner and each company’s needs. That’s why, whether you are looking for outdoor benches, trash receptacles, community grills, picnic tables, bike racks, or even fiberglass umbrellas, we are sure that we will have the perfect commercial patio furniture for you! From aluminum to wood and deco to modern, we have a multitude of commercial furniture options to fit just about every need and every style.

If you are asking why you should purchase commercial patio furniture over residential patio furniture, it’s a wonderful question with a very simple answer. Simply – you can expect commercial furniture to experience more wear, more tear, and more abuse than any standard piece of residential furniture. With commercial furniture the strength and durability of the product will generally be higher, allowing for the extra wear and tear. In addition to that, often times a commercial product will have a commercial warranty, where many products have a warranty for residential use but becomes void if used in a commercial environment.

To receive pricing or ask questions about any of our commercial products, please contact our fantastic commercial sales team at 1-800-940-6123.

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