How to Clean your Outdoor Furniture Recipe for a Perfectly Clean Patio


Items Needed

Plastic Bucket - Min. Size 1 Gallon

¼ Cup Dawn Dish Soap per Gal Water

Hoseline attached to source with good water pressure

Soft bristle scrub brush


Basic Instructions

Always start by removing any obvious loose dirt and debris with the brush.

Mix the Dawn soap and the water, then wet the item down with the hose equipped with a

high-pressure nozzle. Dip the brush in the soap mixture and scrub as lightly as possible to

achieve the desired level of cleanliness. Rinse away the soap completely and allow the item to air dry.   

That’s it! Easy, right?



For heavy stains or build-up of oils and tanning lotions you can increase the   


Concentration of Dawn to ½ cup per gallon of water, and add ½ cup of white vinegar. For very stubborn stains that do not respond to these methods, contact us directly and we will help. Do not use any chemicals or agents beyond what is recommended or you may void the warranty!       

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