Buy Today get a FREE COVER!
Buy Today get a FREE COVER!
Buy Today get a FREE COVER!
Includes Regulator & Wheels

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Patio Heater & Outdoor Heaters: Looking for a way to extend your summers? If you are like us, we love the outdoors and want to capture every opportunity to bring the comforts of the indoors to our outdoor patio areas. “Voted #1 Best Value Home & Garden Shopping Site 2006”, offers you comfortable patio furniture, weather resistant patio umbrellas and now outdoor heating units at affordable prices to lengthen your summer vacations and entertain guests even on the chilliest nights.
Do you daydream all winter about your first summer barbeque, relaxing in your lounge chair by your pool, sipping a cold drink, listening to a little Jimmy Buffet with your family and friends? An attractive Propane Heater offers you the ability to extend your summer season with patio heating style.
With our variety of outdoor heaters you can warm each area of your backyard landscape safely and effortlessly. A freestanding outdoor heater can give you the ability to warm a large area like a covered patio, while our tabletop heaters are great for cozying up for an intimate dinner under the stars. If you have a really large space to warm we also offer energy efficient commercial outdoor heaters with propane, natural gas and electric type fuel sources. 
Heating units like these give you the ability to spend more time outdoors with your family and friends. Let give you the tools you need to enjoy those cooler days and nights under the cozy atmosphere of our affordable heaters. These memories will be priceless. Select models on sale now!