Texawood Fuse Commercial Bench by Texacraft

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Texawood Fuse Bench by Texacraft



Product Highlights:


  • Built to withstand a range of climates including hot sun snowy winters and strong coastal winds
  • MGP material cleans easily and is not prone to splinter crack chip and peel
  • Color continuously throughout the fade-resistant MGP material requires no painting or waterproofing
  • Marine-grade quality stainless steel hardware
  • Chairs come fully assembled
  • Fuse is available in either White (MWH) or Sand (MSA) finish only.
  • For Commercial Customers Only



Product Description: 


Texacraft's new Fuse Collection is created from an environmentally friendly product called MGP or Marine Grade Polymer. Like HDPE material MGP is also derived from post-consumer bottle waste such as milk and detergent containers or other post-industrial materials. The main difference is that MGP is formed into large sheets creating a smooth uniform surface that is slightly heavier in comparison to HDPE lumber. Both HDPE and MGP are excellent all-weather materials that never require painting staining or waterproofing to maintain their appearance.


Texacraft's TexaWood collections are perfect for commercial use as they are extremely durable and need little maintenance. A simple wash with the hose will keep the furniture clean and looking good for years of outdoor enjoyment.


Texacraft is a commercial brand of quality outdoor furniture you can trust.