Solaira Cosy All Weather Patio Heater

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Solaira Cosy All Weather Patio Heater




Product Highlights:


  • Sleek thin design
  • Instant directional infrared heat
  • Powerful 2.0 kW option in compact design
  • Waterproof design certified for outdoor/indoor covered area's
  • Long Life Commercial Philips HeLeN emitter
  • Safe / Maintenance Free / Odorless
  • Scratch resistant hard wearing powder coated extruded Aluminum
  • Brackets allow vertical & horizontal adjustment
  • Available in 120V and 240V (can be hard wired)
  • Replacement parts available
  • UPC Codes: 120V-1500Watt in Black - SCOSYAW15120B 120V-1500Watt in White - SCOSYAW15120W 240V-1500Watt in Black - SCOSYAW15240B and 240V-1500Watt in White - SCOSYAW15240W



Product Description:


When what you seek is time in your favorite outdoor space don't let the weather stop you. You can still have plenty of time on the patio with help from this powerful patio heater from Solaira. The Cosy All Weather heater runs on a standard 120V or 240V outlet for pennies per hour. Your patio will receive safe and effective odorless heat.


Options for placement are bountiful as this indoor/outdoor heater can be placed in both residential and commercial locations in gazebos and even under umbrellas and awnings. Those who visit your terrace or deck patio or gazebo will be kept warm and cozy through the power of infrared heat which warms people and objects just like the sun. And you will like being able to run this electric heater for next to nothing!


If you are using multiple heaters and/or have question give us call at 1(800)940-6123