Shademobile 125 lb. Fillable Rolling Umbrella Base with Table

Rolling Umbrellas
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Rolling Umbrellas Shademobile Fillable Rolling Umbrella Base with attached table.
It Rolls....It Turns....It Pivots....It Holds your Drinks!  If you are looking for a versatile patio umbrella stand this product is exactly what you need.  This stand can be filled with sand or brick from your local home store to offer up to 125 lbs. of weight which enables it to hold up just about any size umbrella.  With the attached table you've got a versatile piece of outdoor furniture. This umbrella base and table are made of durable maintenance-free high density polyethylene.  The center post holds the umbrella pole in a straight upright position.  The center post accommodates from 1 and 3/8" up to a 2 and 1/16" pole.  There are four high quality wheels that are non-marking and move easily.  Two foot-operated petal locking wheels are easy to engage and provide added stability.  Avoid heavy lifting and enjoy the mobility of this Shademobile Rolling Umbrella Base!
Special Features
  • Fill with sand or brick from your local home store to offer up to 125 lbs. of weight
  • Fits umbrella poles of 1-3/8" to 2-1/16"
  • Two of the Four wheels are locking wheels that have a foot operated pedal to lock and unlock
  • Made of Durable Polyethylene
  • Two great colors Bronze or Sand.
  • Table is 21" diameter and easy to use.