Sedona Wicker Sofa Cushions

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Sedona Wicker Sofa Cushions



Product Highlights:


  • Outstanding quality and comfort
  • All cushions have zippers
  • Made to order in the USA! 
  • Custom made to ensure a perfect fit



Product Description:


Wicker furniture style is unique.  It is the type of outdoor furniture you expect to sink into on a day spent lounging in the sun.  This makes finding the right cushions high priority.  The outdoor cushions here are made to be inviting and super comfortable.  These 3 ½" thick cushions are the epitome of comfort and flair.  A wide variety of color and fabric choices will allow you to customize your outdoor living area in just the right way to suit your personal style.


No matter what type of seating piece you have be it a chaise lounge next to the pool a glider or double glider on the porch dining chairs or even if you have a set comprised of a sofa and loveseat with a sitting chair or two you'll be able to find the cushions you need at a price that is affordable.