Sedona Smooth Edge Chaise Cushions

PVC Cushions
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Sedona Smooth Edge Chaise Cushions



Product Highlights:


  • Outstanding quality and comfort
  • All cushions have zippers
  • Made to order in the USA! 
  • Custom made to ensure a perfect fit



Product Description:


Sitting by the pool on a warm day calls for cozy seating such as the chaise lounge.  Being able to put your feet up and lean back into a high back seat allows you to truly relax in a way that a sitting chair cannot.  Chaises come in such a variety of materials and designs from romantic wrought iron to classic teak wood steamers that today we have ample opportunity to make something unique in our backyards.  The chaise lounge even sits well in the backyard that doesn't feature a pool gracing the patio area with inviting coziness.


Finding the right cushions to customize your chaise lounge is best done by knowing the measurements of the chair.  This isn't a time to head to the local store for boxed cushions it's a time to have fun and choose the exact color or fabric that will create the environment you desire for your backyard landscape.