Sedona Smooth Edge Bench Cushions

PVC Cushions
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Sedona Smooth Edge Bench Cushions



Product Highlights:


  • Outstanding quality and comfort
  • All cushions have zippers
  • Made to order in the USA! 
  • Custom made to ensure a perfect fit



Product Description:


Benches are a great piece on any patio or front porch.  We can snuggle up with a sweetheart or sprawl out under a warm blanket with a good book on a cool day.  Benches provide a roomier seat in a conversation area than will a chair.  They add interest and versatility to the patio when paired with deep seated chairs made of wood iron or wicker.  These self welted cushions with a nice 2 ½" thickness and smooth surface are very well suited to the rolling lines of iron furniture.  It creates a simple embellishment that brings out the beauty of your patio benches.


The patio is a place where you can relax and having colors and textures that do that for you takes more than buying furniture in a box.  When you take the time to hand pick your benches and the cushions that adorn them you are rewarded time and time again each time you let the world slip away and slide into your own private oasis in your backyard.  Fabrics used are resistant to water and to the beatings from the sun.  Fabric ties assist you in keeping the cushions right where they belong.