Sedona Boxed Welted Sofa Cushions

PVC Cushions
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Sedona Boxed and Welted Sofa Cushions



Product Highlights:


  • Outstanding quality and comfort
  • All cushions have zippers
  • Made to order in the USA! 
  • Custom made to ensure a perfect fit



Product Description:


Sofas have played an important role in home decor for ages.  One can find any style any material any color when looking at a new home sofa.  In todays society not only do we find at least one sofa in any American household but now we also will many times see sofas in outdoor spaces as well.  We are seeing a trend where people have realized the great benefits of time outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air.  So to go along with the new mindset outdoor furniture is now taking on a new feel.  Placing a sofa on the patio says "come and rest awhile".  It is a sublime offering of true comfort that is next to impossible to ignore.  Cushions for your outdoor sofa must be just as special as the frame and that is why we have a wide assortment of colors and fabrics to choose from.  All fabrics are weather resistant and able to clean easily.