PGS A30 Cast Aluminum Natural Gas BBQ Grill Head

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A30 Cast Aluminum Natural Gas BBQ Grill



Product Highlights:


  • Single shelf kit included with grill head
  • Easy lighting system with "Sure Start II" electronic ignition
  • Kiln fired ceramic "Moon Rok" for even heat
  • Widest variety of mounting options in the outdoor grilling industry
  • One of the most comprehensive warranties in the premium grill business
  • Optional rotisserie kit with motor rod and forks



Product Description:


A common question people ask when searching for the perfect BBQ grill is "what type of grill should I buy?" More often than not this question is quickly followed with "what is the difference between a gas grill and a propane grill?" Surprisingly people learn that the differences between these grills are simple and logical. They also learn that the type of grill they need is really based on the type of installation they have in mind for their BBQ and the qualities which they find most important in each type of grill.


Take for instance a propane grill. A propane grill has many benefits over a charcoal grill including: a better lifespan less expensive and more cost effective in the long run fuel that can be used multiple times over vs. having to buy fuel every time you use the grill the grill clean-up is easier and propane does not leave the taste of fuel in your food. With a natural gas grill the benefits of it over a charcoal grill are the same however a natural gas grill provides a couple of additional benefits depending on your intended use of the grill. The main additional benefit of a natural gas grill is that unlike a propane grill its fuel source will never be depleted. Believe it or not this single benefit actually provides a multitude of benefits! Just think about it natural gas is plumbed directly to your home and is much cheaper than buying tanks of propane &ndash so not only can you fire up the grill whenever you want and not have to worry about whether or not you have fuel it is also cheaper to operate! In addition to that having a natural gas BBQ allows you the ability to build your BBQ as a built-in or permanent unit which means that your outdoor cooking space can not only function as added living space in your home but it could look like it too!


Now let us consider the features of your grill. This A30 Cast Aluminum Natural Gas BBQ Grill would be a wonderful addition to any outdoor patio space in need of a transformation to an outdoor cooking area! It is an aluminum grill which features a 330 square inch stainless steel cooking grid a 121 square inch stainless steel warming rack a 304 stainless dual controlled "H" burner a procelain steel rock grate "Sure Start II" electronic ignition and ceramic rock briquettes for even heating. And to top it all off this spectacular grill features a 30000 BTU input!


WARNING: California Proposition 65. The burning of gas cooking or heating fuels (and certain components contained in this product) generates some by-products which are on a list of substances known by the state of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm. California law requires businesses to warn customers of potential exposure to such substances. To minimize your exposure to such substances always oprate this appliance in accordance with our Use & Care Guide (owner's manual) ensuring you provide good ventilation when cooking with gas. For detailed information please see official California Proposition 65 website.