Nottingham Commercial Dining Chair by Texacraft

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Nottingham Commercial Dining Chair by Texacraft



Product Highlights:


  • Transitional design
  • Created from cast and extruded aluminum materials
  • Ergonomically formed seat and back for enhanced comfort
  • Generously proportioned seat bucket design
  • Nylon foot glides protect furniture and floor surface
  • Optional seat pads available for added comfort
  • Seat pads can be ordered with a coordinating welt fabric
  • For Commercial Customers Only


Product Description: 



Created from non-rusting aluminum you can rest assured that the quality of the raw material are of the highest grade and meet industry standards for commercial use. Heliarc welding processes are utilized which ensure the strongest welds possible for aluminum joints.


Aluminum extrusions are cut to correct lengths and are bent (applicable) to their correct specifications. Extruded parts are formed with specially designed machines to ensure all parts are uniform.


Texacraft manufacturing facility includes an on-site aluminum foundry where all cast aluminum components are created. This eliminates outside vendors who most other manufacturers rely upon for their cast furniture. We are able to closely monitor the quality of the castings and ensure that the aluminum used in the casting process is pure aluminum. An additional step in the casting process involves "out gassing" which removes gas bubbles in the melting process which if not removed will cause weak aluminum when the trapped bubbles cure in the poured aluminum molds. These bubbles would result in broken aluminum parts due to the porous casting. This is a step that many casting companies would eliminate.



Texacraft outdoor cushions are comprised of a blend of polyester fill combined with a layer of Weather Foam. This foam is a polyurethane foam product designed to repel water and dry quickly. Weather Foam exceeds established flammability guidelines. Each cushion is engineered for maximum comfort and support and fastens to the frame with a fabric velcro strap.


Cushions with designs incorporating a welt or button or both offer the option of selecting coordinating fabrics to highlight these special design attributes. This is another way to make your special order Winston product fit your personal decorating style. Although our cushions and fabrics are created for outdoor use/exposure we recommend taking some common sense steps to ensure your products hold up to the rigors of the environment. When your cushion furniture is unused we recommend either covering the furniture or bringing your cushions indoors for storage. And if you know rain is in the forecast consider covering your furniture or bringing the cushions indoors before the precipitation begins. If your cushions do become wet from rain consider propping the cushions on their sides to expedite the drying process. With proper care and maintenance these cushions should provide many years of enjoyment.