KL Designs Gentlemen's Club Outdoor Ashtray (Dress not included)

KL Designs Smoking Receptacles
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KL Designs Gentlemen's Club Outdoor Ashtray  (Dress not included


Product Highlights:

  • Fireproof container to maintain the safety of your home family or business.
  • Weather proof for unrestricted use.
  • Fitted with a welded feature so it can be locked down if need be.
  • Unique design allows you to enhance the decor of your home or business.
  • Eliminates unsightly cigarette butts from your property.
  • Easy cleanup with no more messy sand required.
  • Crafted from 100% recyclable metal.
  • Reduces pollution increasing the safety of your family and the planet.
  • Customer colors can be requested additional charges may apply



Product Description:


Whether you are looking for a bit of the "classic branded" style in a smoking receptacle for a hotel or spa or you want to add a hint of the "club" to your home this KL Designs Commercial Gentlemen's Club Outdoor Ashtray will be perfect for you!  This fantastic smoking urn offers the functionality of a smoking receptacle but offers sensuous style and invites curiosity to your outdoor decor.  Its unique design allows you to enhance the decor of your home or business and dispose of whatever make-shift ashtray you may be using now. Another great feature of this standing ash tray is that it is weather proof allowing you unrestricted use of the product.  This means that you can display and use it all year round without worrying about having to drag it in and out whenever extreme weather approaches! Is includes a design feature that will help you secure it 24/7.  But that's not all - the most important feature of this ashtray is that its fireproof container allows you to maintain the safety of your home family or business - and all without messy sand!