KL Designs Coffee Cup Outdoor Ashtray

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KL Designs Coffee Cup Outdoor Ashtray 


Product Highlights:

  • Fireproof container to maintain the safety of your home family or business
  • Weather proof for unrestricted use
  • Unique design allows you to enhance the decor of your home or business
  • Eliminates unsightly cigarette butts from your property
  • Easy cleanup with no more messy sand required
  • Crafted from 100% recyclable metal
  • Reduces pollution increasing the safety of your family and the planet



Product Description:

Whether you manage a restaurant coffee bar or simply love the fun and whimsicle nature of it this KL Designs Coffee Cup Outdoor Ashtray stand is a perfect way to solve your cigarette butt problems while enhancing your outdoor decor. This fantastic smoking receptacle features a unique and fun design that is sure to impress! But - although the design is amazing the most important feature of this smoking urn is that its fireproof container helps to maintain the safety of your family home or business. Not to mention that's it's hassle free.  Yup that's right - the fireproof container doesn't even require you to fill it with messy sand! But that's not all - this fabulous cigarette receptacle is also weather proof. This means that you can use this outdoor ashtray all year round without having to worry about bringing it in during extreme weather conditions!