Commercial Low Profile 36" Round Galvanized Steel Umbrella Base - 150 lbs

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Commercial Low Profile 36" Round Galvanized Steel Umbrella Base - 150 lbs

Product Highlights:


  • Heavy - 36" Round and 150 lbs
  • Low Profile - Offer lots of weight but are not big and bulky
  • Commercial or Residential Use


Product Description:


Talk about options. The Galvanized Steel G-Plate Base ships to you ready to use. Low profile stackable 4 sizes available in decending weights applicable use under a table or complete free-standing. These plates are also stackable upto 555lbs. to create a heavier base for a more secure anchor. All galvanized plates can be stacked in any combination double or triple stack for additional weight as needed. Depending on your purchased item you simply need to install an 8" stem or an 18" stem (available in 1.5" or 2" widths) for standard umbrella use.

Availble Sizes
      • 24G - 24" Round x .5" High - 70 lbs.
      • 30G - 30" Round x .5" High - 100 lbs.
      • 36G - 36" Round x .5" High - 150 lbs.
      • 40G - 40" Round x .5" High - 185 lbs.


Note: Any weight or weight combination over 99 lbs will be delivered by Freight. Plate and stem ship separately.


Installation Instructions


(1) Installing a stem to Galvanized Plate (stack):
When installing a stem on a Galvanized base simply match up the countersunk holes
on the stem to the thread holes on your chosen base plate.

Important: All plates are stackable. There are 2 sets of holes on each plate. Naked
holes and threaded holes. Be sure to use the threaded holes on the bottom plate
ONLY. Line up the naked holes on the upper plates and bolt your Stem through to the
threaded holes on the bottom plate.

Sinlge plate usage is applicable for all standard umbrellas.

Note: The 24G Plate can only support 1.5"/2" Stems.