BRELLA LIGHTS - Umbrella Lighting System With Power Pod - 8 Rib

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BRELLA LIGHTS® - Patio Umbrella Lighting System With Power Pod - (8 Rib)



Product Highlights:


  • Universal fit for any 8 Rib Umbrella (umbrella sold separately)
  • Soft subtle white light On-Demand from 160 bulbs
  • If one bulb goes out the others stay lit
  • Never needs to be removed - Stays on the umbrella even when closed
  • Includes "Power Pod" for added convenience to run anything from a TV to a blender
  • Easy installation with convenient zip ties included
  • Will not attract most insects
  • Completely weather resistant



Product Description:


"When The Sun Goes Down That's When We Really Shine." BRELLA LIGHTS® - Patio Umbrella Lighting System brings the delightful glow of soft subtle light to your nighttime patio entertaining. Designed to fit any 8-rib patio umbrella our IN-LINE light design and "POWER POD" receptacle needs NO recharging battery replacement or separate light fixture storage and it stays with the umbrella when its opened closed or stored. If one bulb burns out the rest remain lit. U.L. Listed For Outdoor Use.


With the convenience of light and the Power Pod receptacle you can read watch TV listen to music work on your laptop blend a smoothie cook dinners at the table on an electric wok or just relax and enjoy late night gatherings and conversation on your patio with family and friends.


"Keep The Party Going Long After The Sun Goes Down …" with the innovative outdoor lighting that easily attaches to the ribs of any 8-rib patio umbrella. In minutes BRELLA LIGHTS® creates an alluring festive or romantic atmosphere to "Set The Mood" for any after dark patio or deck activity. A one-time installation will provide the right amount of soft subtle light at tabletop - On-Demand. No need for recharging costly battery replacement or light fixture storage. Our "POWER POD" feature clips to the pole and offers additional electrical outlets for your favorite appliances. With the convenience of our appealing IN-LINE light design and the "Power Pod" receptacle at tabletop you can read watch TV listen to music or blend a smoothie while enjoying late night gatherings with family and friends. BRELLA LIGHTS® are designed to stay on the umbrella when it is closed opened or stored. If any of the 160 bulbs burn out the rest of the lights remain lit. U.L. Listed For Outdoor Use. NOT battery or solar powered or rechargable.