Bistro Bellano Commercial Stacking Side Table by Texacraft

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Bistro Bellano Stacking Side Table by Texacraft



Product Highlights


  • Transitional design
  • Perfectly suited for restaurant seating
  • Created entirely from extruded aluminum
  • Back and seat are ergonomically shaped for comfort
  • Optional seat pads attach underneath with hidden velcro
  • Available in all frame finishes
  • For Commercial Customers Only



Product Description


Created from non-rusting aluminum you can rest assured that the quality of the raw material are of the highest grade and meet industry standards for commercial use. Heliarc welding processes are utilized which ensure the strongest welds possible for aluminum joints.


Texacraft's fabric offering is among the most diverse in the industry. All fabrics are environmentally tested including specialized UV tests all necessary to ensure that the fabrics will hold up to the elements for years of outdoor use. They select fabrics from the most recognized names in the outdoor fabric industry. The fabric selection ranges from vinyl coated polyester fabrics most suitable for sling products to rich textures and colors made from acrylic fibers for cushions and umbrellas.


Texacraft customers can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that they have their own casting foundry and are 100% responsible for the quality of the aluminum we use in all of our cast furniture. They use only pure aluminum ingot AND "de-gas" our aluminum which is a vital step that many manufacturers omit. This process removes gas from the molten aluminum which if not removed will create air bubbles in the hardened aluminum. These trapped air bubbles weaken the aluminum and will result in broken furniture.


Texacraft is a commercial brand of quality outdoor furniture you can trust.