Aura PATIO PLUS Stainless Steel Weatherproof Radiant Infrared Electric Heater

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Aura PATIO PLUS Infrared Patio Heater


Product Highlights:


  • 1500W Medium wave radiant infrared patio heater for comfortable patio heating
  • 79" high freestanding stainless steel stand - Attractive portable convenient - Be warm any where you want to go
  • All Weather use no need to be covered in wet environments
  • Waterproof on/off switch and integrated safety tip switch
  • 8' of cable
  • Covers 8' X 8' area
  • UPC Code: AURAPP15120SS-R


Product Description:


The Aura Patio Plus electric outdoor radiant infrared patio heater is designed to provide 64 square feet of warmth to your patio deck and favorite outdoor space. The heating technology warms people and not the air making the AURA heater 90% efficient in converting energy into directional virtually wind proof comfort heat.

The 1500W quartz infrared heater is weatherproof meaning it can be left outside regardless of the conditions and is equipped with a convenient on/off switch on the main post. The stainless steel post is engineered with 3 easy to assemble post components for a smooth clean look and bolted to weighted stainless steel base with some assembly required. The heater is equipped with tip over switch to automatically cut off power supply to the heater in the event of fall.

The engineered medium wave emitter lamp provides a warm area glow and is tested to last more than 4000 hours.
The heater is equipped with 8' of cable with a standard 120V plug end.