AURA MW-37 Series 3000 watt Indoor/Outdoor Infrared Heater

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AURA MW 37" Series Indoor/Outdoor Infrared Heater



Must See 240 volt Optional Accessories Click the links


Solaira SMaRT 32 Variable Heat Controller:Will operate:

Two 1600 Watt 208-2400 Volts One 3200 Watt 208-240 Volts One 2000 Watt 208-240 Volts

Solaira SMaRT 60 Variable Heat Controller: Will operate:

One 6000 Watt 208-240 Volts Two 3000 Watt 208-240 Volts Three 2000 Watt 208-240 Volts Four 1500 Watt 208-240 Volt

Solaira SMaRT Handheld IR Remote:

This remote offers a simple and convenient means to manage your indoor/outdoor electric infrared heaters.

Solaira SMaRT Remote Temperature Monitor:

Temperature sensor monitors the temperature and inhibits the heaters when the temperature exceeds a pre-determined set point.

Solaira SMaRT Occupancy (Motion) Sensor:

Turn heaters on and off automatically based on people in the space.



Product Highlights:


  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Aura MW Series heaters fuse medium and short wavelength infrared technology to maximize output while minimizing glare.
  • Produces instant heat with no initial warm-up time
  • Wall or ceiling mount for optimized heat distribution
  • Silent and odorless operation with no products of combustion
  • Provides reliable heat source that won't blow away or fail to start
  • Replacement parts available
  • UPC Code: ARMW-3730240S



Product Description: 


When what you seek is time in your favorite outdoor space don't let the weather stop you. You can still have plenty of time on the patio with help from this powerful patio heater. This AURA MW Series Indoor/Outdoor Infrared Heater runs on a standard 240V outlet for pennies per hour. Your patio will receive safe and effective odorless heat! Your family and friends will be kept warm by the power of infrared heat which warms people and objects just like the sun. Just think - this spectacular heater will make you the only person on the block to hold a fantastic party in fall or winter! With its ease of use and cost effectiveness you can't go wrong!


If you are using multiple heaters and/or have question give us call at 1(800)940-6123