7.5' Off The Wall Brella

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7.5 Foot Off The Wall Brella



Product Highlights:


  • Half-Canopy is versatile to expand Seating!
  • 100% Sunbrella Fabric


Also available is a 9' Off the Wall Umbrella



Product Description:


A half-canopy patio umbrella that stands without an attachment flush against a wall or vertical surface to provide needed shade to areas where opening a traditional round umbrella is not practical and space is just not available. Unlike fixed awnings over windows or doors this decorative umbrella can be moved where needed to provide shade and ambience.


The Off the Wall Brella's versatility also gives Cafés restaurateurs coffee shops and others the ability to create or expand their seating and serving capacity by converting otherwise unused areas into useful dining or serving stations. Outdoor Event Planners can have shade whenever and wherever they want. This 7½ x 3¾ foot umbrella comes standard in Sunbrella Fabric.


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