Type: High Intensity, Ceiling Mounted, Radiant Outdoor Heaters


Approvals: Australian Standards 2250-2-30 (full test)

                   ROHS Compliant, CE Approved


Electrical Approval No: Q97268 (Australia)


Manufacture Location: Melbourne Australia


Element Type: Stainless Steel with high efficiency, extended surface area, extruded

                         aluminum heat exchange system.


Design Voltage: 240V 50Hz a.c. Australia

                            230V 50Hz a.c. Europe / NZ

                            120V 60Hz a.c. USA / Canada (THH 1500SS)

                            240V 60Hz a.c. USA / Canada (THH 3200SS)


Electrical Circuit: Refer to Electrical Wattage.


Casing Finish: 1. High temperature baked enamel paint.

                          2. Stainless Steel


Connection Cord: 3-coreflex – 1200mm long


Mounting System: Stainless Steel ceiling / angle mounting brackets are supplied as

                                standard. Note: Screws fixing bracket to ceiling / wall structure are

                                not included. Umbrella mounting brackets are also available.


Minimum Mounting Height: 2.1 meters above floor level

                               (Refer installation instructions for recommended mounting height)


MODEL                    WATTS     DIMENSIONS (mm)     IPX RATING    WEIGHT    COUNTRY

Standard Models – Silver powder coated casing

THH 1200(EU)         1200              750 x 165 x 45             IPX-5                4.5kg    Australia / (Europe)

THH 1800(EU)         1800            1120 x 165 x 45             IPX-5                7.0kg    Australia / (Europe)

THH 2400(EU)         2400            1475 x 165 x 45             IPX-5                9.0kg    Australia / (Europe)

THH 3200(EU)         3200            1950 x 165 x 45            1PX-5              12.2kg    Australia / (Europe)

SS Models – Stainless Steel casing

THH 1200SS(EU)    1200              750 x 165 x 45             IPX-5                5.0kg     Australia / (Europe)

THH 1800SS(EU)    1800            1120 x 165 x 45             IPX-5                7.5kg     Australia / (Europe)

THH  2400SS(EU)   2400            1475 x 165 x 45             IPX-5                9.0kg     Australia / (Europe)

THH  3200SS(EU)   3200            1950 x 165 x 45            1PX-5              12.5kg    Australia / (Europe)

SS Models – Stainless Steel casing

THH 1500SS          1400              850 x 170 x 40             IPX-5                5.0kg    USA / Canada

THH 3200SS          3200            1950 x 170 x 40             IPX-5               12.5kg    USA / Canada



· These models have been given an International Protection (IPX) Ratings as defined by Australian

Standards AS 1939-1991 ‘Classification of degrees of Protection against Liquids’ provided by enclosures

for electrical equipment.

· IPX-5 rating states these models are protected against jets of water from all directions.