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Our Laser Engraving process requires that we have the highest quality art or graphics to work from.


We prefer to work directly from DIGITAL files that have been formatted as EPS, JPG, TIF or PSD (no DOC or GIF files).


When you receive your order confirmation from Patioshoppers simply click the REPLY button and attach your artwork file to the email then click SEND.


Images should be at least 5” wide and at 300 dpi if possible. Keep in mind that the larger the art work the better the engraving. No web art please.



RESOLUTION:         300 dpi or higher

IMAGE SIZE:            5” Wide @ 100%

FILE SIZE:                 1,500 pixels wide

FORMAT:                   jpg, tif, psd


Set-up and engraving is free with your order. Logos that require major modification can be recreated or modified by the graphics department. The fee for this service will be calculated at the rate of $50 per hour. No additional fees will be assessed without your prior approval. A proof will be provided.


We can also create an engraving using text to create a memorial, award, recognition etc. This service is free with your order. Just send us your phrase by e-mail along with contact information, fax number, phone number and order specifics. We will create the text and forward a proof to you before we begin.