StomperNet Head Coach

Bill has been a coach for most of his professional life. He was brought on board with StomperNet in September 2007 to start the coaching division and has been fortunate to work with some fantastic members and coaches in helping StomperNet members optimize their membership.

Before joining StomperNet, Bill managed and developed coaches at the Professional Education Institute, one of the country’s premier business coaching companies. During his 15 years there he coached several hundred clients to achieve success in their professional and personal lives. Additionally, he was instrumental in developing coaching certification programs offered by Franklin Covey Coaching. He loves working with people at all levels and finds himself coaching his kids’ sports teams and volunteering in the community to help develop youth. He and his family enjoy the mountains of Utah as their home.

Bill brings his coaching experience to StomperNet and has been responsible for building the StomperNet coaching team. His tough, no nonsense coaching style helps his clients to quickly get out of their own way and accomplish the goals they set out for themselves.


Renee Corbett comes to StomperNet with an extensive background in the retail and marketing worlds. Some of her prior work experience includes running one of the 135 stores in a regional department store chain. Here she was the store manager and was responsible for every one, everything and the 15 millions dollars of sales in the 80,000 square foot store. She also worked for Gateway Computers where she was a field marketing manager for the New England territory. Her 15 stores took as far west as Buffalo, south to Orange CT and as far North as Portland Me and everything in between. Most recently she was the marketing manager for a New England Mortgage Company who had several record years, including a year that saw over a billion dollars in mortgage loans.

Renee joined StomperNet as a result of her husband’s role as a moderator. Working side by side with him in their own business, and experiencing StomperNet through his eyes, she came to love the company and what it could do for the members. When StomperNet first started the coaching program to help members get the most out of their membership, Renee was one of the first in line to offer her services as a coach to help members succeed. Renee and Jim reside in the Boston area. They must really love each other because they live and work in the same space 24/7 and they are still laughing and smiling.

What makes Renee a good coach is that she understands where Stompers are, and where they want to go. Add that to the fact that she truly cares for their well-being and has been very successful in helping members achieve their goals. She believes in their vision and encourages them each step of the way. She is also not afraid to question their direction to make them explain why this is path they have chosen. This dialog is the core of coaching. It is not the coach telling you what to do, but you verbalizing your plan and seeing the up and down sides of the plan, and how the plan might need to change, improve, or is right just the way it is.


Joyce Brister has been a StomperNet Professional Business coach since June of 2008. Before that, she was an Apprentice training under Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins as well as attended 6 of the StomperNet Live Events as a participant. Before StomperNet, she received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Marketing in 1982. In 1995 she received a Certification in Business Education and Marketing Education both from Mississippi State University. Joyce has taught secondary schools for 13 years in Mississippi. She became an engineering instructor a certified Project Lead the Way instructor in 2004.

Joyce has many years of hands on experience operating her own family e-Commerce business. She and her husband Freddie know firsthand the challenges that Internet Marketers experience and have successfully overcome many Google Slaps and other common roadblocks. Doing so much both professionally and with the family businesses, she has learned to successfully manage both her time and resources. Outsourcing is one of her key business strategies that she has become very adept at managing.

Joyce’s coaching philosophy is one of gentle but tough love. Her clients constantly experience a soft kick in the backside with a firm commitment to go do the necessary things that will help their business grow. With her life experience in the e-Commerce world, she brings to her coaching a wealth of experience that helps StomperNet members achieve their highest potential in the most efficient way possible.

Ryan Taylor loves coaching, teaching and motivating people to better their businesses and their lives. Ryan joined StomperNet as coach in 2008 and truly enjoys the Stomper way of life and the clients with whom he works. SEO, PPC, and Social media are a constant in his life as a result of working with StomperNet clients. Ryan has a Master’s Degree in Political Science. For six years prior to joining the StomperNet coaching team, he worked as a teacher, trainer, and motivator in the security and intelligence field. He helped train and motivate private and government employees in many parts of the world. He worked alongside many embassies and consulates internationally. Ryan is tech savvy and has the ability to quickly size up a situation to make him an effective coach.

Ryan is a StomperNet coach because he absolutely loves seeing people improve their lives, their businesses and their quality of life. He enjoys taking on challenges and working with people that are willing to put their heart and soul into their efforts. Frequently, people see huge results by having a coach because they just need a little direction or to see things in a different light to make things work properly. Others have great ideas; they just need a little help with the implementation. Ryan finds that many people are great at learning internet marketing skills and techniques but struggle with seeing the overall picture or coming up with an efficient game plan. Coaching successfully helps solve that problem.

Because Ryan has the ability to see the bigger picture and the details of what needs to be accomplished, many of his StomperNet clients have increased their profits tenfold or more. Internet marketers or other entrepreneurs often have so many irons in the fire that it makes it extremely challenging to produce any real results. They have a tendency to see an idea and to go after it, all the while leaving their other ideas only partially implemented. Ryan will analyze where you are using your time, how many constraints you have, and what you are or aren’t effectively doing. He loves to work hard but also recognizes that there is more to life than just your business.

This is how Andrea’s twitter profile reads:  StomperNet addict, mother of five, non-chain restaurants, racquetball, concerts, internet marketing/business coach, runner, love to laugh, enjoy life, night owl.  In addition to that, she has a Master’s Degree in Special Education, with an emphasis in behavior management.  (It turns out that this emphasis in behavior management is a wonderful fit for entrepreneurs!)  Before coming to StomperNet, she taught in every level of public school from elementary to university.  She has been a coach with StomperNet for two years.

Andrea was hired away from her career in education by StomperNet and trained (intensively) to be a coach for them.  She says this about coaching:  ”I have to be honest, before I became a coach, I didn’t really get the vision of how coaching worked.  Now I do.  It is the most gratifying thing in the world to help people achieve their goals.  It is incredible to see people make changes in their lives—that I help them make.”  Andrea really enjoys helping people make more money, but her very favorite part of coaching is to help people set up systems and processes so they can spend more time with their families and enjoy their lives.

Andrea believes that these changes in lives come about because coaching taps into a basic facet of human behavior:  if someone is calling to ask, nudge, bug, or even nag (depending on what you need) you will get more stuff done.  The concept is really that simple.  In application, however, we are humans!  We have things we let get in the way of our success.  Her goal as a coach is to help people smash through the barriers that deprive them of achieving their ultimate lives. She helps clients identify big goals, and then break them down into small actionable steps that are achievable today.  THAT’S how coaching works.

Freddie has been in the coaching business for over 25 years. He spent most of that time coaching young men on the football field and as a public school. In that time he has taught such things as Introduction to Engineering, Bible History, Science and Math. Most of the 25 years in public education he served as the head football coach and athletic director for his Mississippi school.

In 2002 he and his wife Joyce Brister started their first ecommerce store. Since that time they have over 45 websites that they promote on the Internet. They joined Brad and Andy’s Apprentice program in the early days, before there was a StomperNet. The principles that they learned helped propel Freddie and Joyce’s business to the first page of Google and they continue to work in that business. They joined StomperNet when the gates opened and became part of the moderators group that oversaw the forums. After StomperNet coaching started they loved what coaching brought to the table for their business. So when the opportunity came around for Freddie to join the coaching staff he jumped at the chance. He took the knowledge and experience he had gained from 25 years of working with young people in the educational arena and combined it with the success he had in his own Internet Marketing and has been very successful in helping clients achieve their Internet Marketing Goals as a result.

Freddie’s coaching philosophy is one of helping his clients develop their own personal step-by-step process for getting them from where they are to where they want to be. He works with his client’s unique business to customize their plan to be successful. He believes strongly in the fundamentals of business. He tries to help his clients see where they are and then help them determine where they want to be. Then with his own business experiences, helps to maneuver them around as many obstacles as possible to achieve their goals.

New Cell
John Jaworski describes himself as a “Serial Entrepreneur!” John has successfully run or managed business from Video Distribution, to DJ companies to Nightclub Superstores and everything in between. John’s Internet niche business just celebrated its 10th year in business. He has extensive experience in growing, running and managing small to medium size businesses and brings all that experience with him as a Coach!

John has a passion for coaching others. His philosophy is, “I ‘ve spent the last 49 years acquiring my own unique business and life experiences and now it’s time to share. If it weren’t for the Coaches and Mentors that helped me up ’through the ranks,’ I would be nowhere! I am passionate about being very honest with my clients… often I’m the first person in their lives that has not been afraid to tell them the real, down home, honest truth, even when it hurts a little!”

John has been marketing online since the early 90‘s. He brings all of his successes and failures with him as knowledge that he happily shares with StomperNet Members. After all we learn as much or more from our failures as we do from our successes! As a former Apprentice of Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon,  John has been taught the right way to develop the internet marketing side of his business, and can help you stay on track for success with your business.