Brad gained renown as an SEO when he and his wife founded Smart Marketing and and rocketed to the #1 spot in Google. Since then, he's gone on to become the CEO of StomperNet and continue to build his reputation as a visionary Internet marketer. Brad's presentations are a frequent StomperNet LIVE crowd favorite. If you're ready to think about your business at the highest level Brad can help.
Alan's been in publishing for over 30 years and beenn online since before the real "internet" existed with online bulletin boards. He's a self-described " A jack of all trades and a master of info-publishing and marketing."  His primary focus in StomperNet will be teaching creative writing for content, info product creation, and copywriting.
Andy Edmonds is the former head of analytics for Live Search at Microsoft, and is an ACTUAL scientist. Lab coat, clipboard, all that. :)   He's a "cognitive psychologist" to be precise. He's been CRITICAL in implementing high-level usability and conversion testing and running our eye-tracking stuff too.
Anne Holland, founder of Marketing Sherpa and Anne's been conducting tests and research into what works best in marketing for more than 20 years. As Founder and Past President of MarketingSherpa Inc., Holland published pragmatic research studies such as annual Search Marketing and Email Marketing Benchmark Guides and the bestselling Landing Page Handbook.   237,000 professional marketers in corporate America read her newsletters featuring exclusive Case Studies and fresh data every week. Holland has been a featured speaker, and often keynote, at more than 100 industry conferences including Email Summit, Business-to-Business Lead Generation Summits, eTail shows, Affiliate Summit, Direct Marketing Association events, Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conferences, and Ad-Tech conferences (for which she is also a former Advisory Board Member.)  She has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, DMNews,, Fast Company and Business 2.0 among others.  An award-winning marketer herself, since 1992 she has served as a Judge for many industry awards including the Viral Marketing Hall of Fame, the Ad-Tech Awards, the Electronic Retailing Association Awards, MarketingSherpa’s Email Awards, and the Interactive PR & Marketing Nettie Awards.
Ben Mack is an American Marketing Association EFFIE award winner, a Magic Castle award winning magician and a former Senior Vice President at BBDO and WestWayne. Now Ben shows Stompers and others how they can brand themselves without the hundreds-of-thousands or millions of dollars brand development costs with the Big Advertising Agencies.
Dan Thies, Chief Experience Officer and Dean of Faculty for StomperNet, has long been a heavy hitter in the SEO world for a long time now, and he's respected among his peers as THE keyword research guru. Dan was also the architect of "Stomping the Search Engines 2.0", the LAST SEO Course anyone will ever need. Ever.
Dave Taylor, of fame and Intuitive Systems. He's baaacck! As one of our exceptionally popular original faculty members, Dave is back from his StomperNet Faculty hiatus. Dave is an absolute expert at helping your company learn how to grow through savvy use of business blogging and associated social networks and new media, business or technical topics, leading a class of adult learners, or writing a business or technical book for neophytes, my central focus remains the same: to explain complex concepts and technologies in a way that lets you gain insight into the subject. His  most recent books are The Complete Idiot's Guide to Growing Your Business with Google (Penguin/Alpha) (widely hailed as a must-read by business experts), Teach Yourself Unix System Administration in 24 Hours (Sams/Macmillan) (which focuses on three operating systems: Red Hat Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X), Solaris 9 for Dummies (Wiley), Learning Unix for Mac OS X Panther (O'Reilly), Wicked Cool Shell Scripts (NoStarch), and Creating Cool Web Sites (Wiley).
In David Bullock's several years as a StomperNet faculty, he's taught our students to leverage the power of multivariate testing in their businesses, allowing rapid improvement across many, MANY areas - often simultaneously.
Don Crowther is known as the creator of our S.M.A.R.T.S. program (S.ocial MAR.keting T.raffic S.ecrets). SMARTS continues to cover how Stompers can maximize their business's social marketing efforts using the newest Web 2.0 properties. Leverage the most powerful marketing tool ever created - "Word of Mouth" - and take it into the 21st century, where "Word of Mouth" can spread to millions in mere hours.
Described by Ross Goldberg as "...the best person I know when it comes to helping newbies, guiding them into a business model that works, and teaching the basics of internet business in a way that can be understood."

 Erik formed Stafford Marketing, LLC in late 2006, launched The Faster Webmaster in early 2007, and has been helping people get started building online businesses ever since. He looks forward to conducting site reviews for Stompers, especially focusing on copy, design, and sales funnel (magic offer) strategies.
Leslie Rohde is well-respected in our industry for being the first to reverse engineer several important aspects of modern search engines and begin teaching businesses how to take advantage of those discoveries. His SEO analysis software products, OptiLink and OptiSpider, were among the first ever created, and are still used and recommended to this day.
Melanie's a brilliant marketer specializing in business growth, team building, and breaking through the 6 figure area into 7, 8, and beyond. Melanie really knows her stuff. She's known as The Million Dollar Lifestyle Business Coach because she knows first-hand how to build a successful, thriving, freedom-based company with her secret weapon -- LEVERAGE. With over 12 years in corporate America and eight years as a business owner, Melanie works exclusively with entrepreneurs who are ready for a “sustainable” lifestyle business.  Melanie’s clients, who are typically coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, trainers, service professionals and information marketers, average a 172% revenue increase while creating more time for living their dream lifestyle.  
Mike Koenigs has become well known in the video marketing space with his innovative takes on videos for affiliates, and as the co-owner of Traffic Geyser, an incredibly useful tool for syndicating your Stomper-style video marketing for MAXIMUM exposure. We don't even know what Mike's cooking up yet, but we know that it sure is good to have him in the kitchen.
Paul Colligan is CEO of Inc. and manages several popular Internet properties that include Podcast Secrets, Automate Sales, The New Media Inner Circle, and His focus is helping busy people leverage the technologies of new media to get their message out to more people, with less effort, and for greater profit. He's helped our Stompers accomplish this through his Uber-Series course.
Ross Goldberg grew his business from a small sideline meant to earn a few extra bucks for his family, to becoming one of the most talked about Internet Marketers teachers around. His teaching comes from his own personal experiences, because he's BEEN THERE, DONE THAT - and he constantly strives to create ways for us all to work smarter, not harder. And isn't that the StomperNet way?
Sherman Hu has made a career simplifying and demystifying new media for businesses, organizations and individuals to build relationships & generate profit through adding value. Known for his passion and energy in presenting and simplifying technology to business owners, Sherman's been praised by many a Stomper for his patience in coaching beginners.

Audrey Kerwood has been working online full-time since 2002 and ran four successful eCommerce stores. She built and customized each of the stores herself from the ground up using the Yahoo, X Cart, and ShopSite platforms.

When functionality that she wanted didn’t exist, she always tried to work with the platform provider to create it. As a result some of the add-ons currently offered by those providers were initiated by her suggestions. She is also the co-author of Online Store Profits, a step-by-step Yahoo store building and marketing system that has been selling since 2003.

We'd love to introduce a faculty member who can only be described as a "phenom." He's a 15-year-old super affiliate from the U.K. who makes five figures per month and he's still in high school.  (Think you might be able to learn something about affiliate marketing from him.)
Vin's the brilliant copywriter behind some of the greatest successes on Clickbank.  His copy is some of the best we've ever seen. And he's excited to help Stompers make their copy some of the best their customer's have ever seen.