FSC (Forest Stewardschip Council) is an organization non governmental, international independent, and non-profit, founded in 1993 by the representative of environment entities, explorers, forestry engineers, trader of forestry products, indigenous communities, workers, industries and institutions of 34 countries. FSC has the aim of promoting the good forestry management, based FSC has the aim of promoting the good forestry management, based on principles and judgment established in a process of worldwide reference that lasted three years. These principles insure that the management of the forests is environmentally appropriated, socially beneficial and economically practicable.

FSC does not emit certificates. It is an entity that accredits certifiers all over the world, assuring that the certificates observe at the same time national as well as international standards of quality. Only the authorized organizations can issue certificates with the recognition and the trademark FSC. To be accredited, certifiers need to develop a method for certification based on the principles and criteria FSC, adapting it to the reality each region or production system. The logo FSC is a product. It is the best example of GREEN SEAL.
Whenever you find the logo on product, you will know that the wood used had its origin in a forest or in a managed reforestation and that during all the stages of manufacture and trading (custody range) followed to the principles and judgment of FSC, it means, of a manner ecologically appropriate, socially beneficial and economically practicable. Each certified company has it own identification is: SW-COC-091. For more information on FSC at the international level, please visit www.fsc.org