While Coolaroo® Exterior Window Shades are designed primarily for use on exterior windows they are equally at home as Drop Shades on pergolas, patios, verandahs ect.  Your Coolaroo® Exterior Window Shade – Roll Up comes complete with fixing accessories including fixing screws to secure the headrail, a corrosion resistant rope cleat with fixing screws and two base rail snap-in connectors with fixing screws. The only tools you will require for quick and easy installation are a drill, a 1/8” drill bit, a Phillips Head screwdriver and a pencil or a felt tip marker.


Step 1

Once you have selected the spot for your Exterior Window Shade keep it in the rolled up position and hold the aluminum headrail in place where you would like it installed.


Step 2

Mark the spots where you intend drilling holes for fixing screws. Check the base material behind the headrail to ensure that it will accept the self tapping screws.


Step 3

Remove the Exterior Window Shade and using the 1/8” drill bit, drill holes in the base material where marked.


Step 4

Repositions the Exterior Window Shade using the screws and the Phillips Head screwdriver, fix self tapping screws to secure the Exterior Window Shade.


Step 5

Release the Exterior Window Shade fabric allowing it to fall full length. If you choose to use the base rail connectors, apply light tension to Exterior Window Shade, snap the arms onto each end of the rail and mark where the arms are to be fixed with the screws provided.


Step 6

Using the 1/8” drill bit, drill into the base material and fix the arms into place using the screws provided.


Step 7

Lock the base rail into the arms and secure the Exterior Window Shade in fully drawn (down) position.


Step 8

If using the rope cleat, hold the cleat in position, mark holes, drill then screw the rope cleat into place using the screws provided.