Colonial Mills Warranty
Colonial Mills offers a one-year warranty against any manufacturing defects on all products.  It is recommended that an underlay be used at all times to prevent slipping, dye transfer, and to prolong wear. 
It is inherent to the manufacture of our products that variations to dye lots, size and handwork exist. 
Space-Dyed Yarns:  Space-dyeing is a yarn dyeing technique in single or multi-color spaces along a given linear length in either repeat or random types of patterns.  CMI has adapted a very special technique to the design of braided-texture area rugs.  The result is a totally unique look in which different areas of a rug will have greater or lesser amounts of color/colors.  The process is random and assures that no two rugs will be exactly alike.  It is this randomness of color positioning that makes the space-dyed braided-texture area rugs and accessories beautifully charming and totally unique. 
Dye Lots:  All of CMI’s yarns and fabrics are dyed to their specifications from ‘natural tones.’  In any textile fiber, the natural base or the sequence in dyeing may differ from time to time; tolerable variances are to be expected. 
Size Variations:  CMI’s products are virtually hand-made without precision machinery.  Therefore variations due to size of braid or handwork may cause sizes to vary +- 3% to the listed size.  Over time, certain yarns and fabrics also have a tendency to ‘relax’ or ‘settle,’ which can add up to 2” to the dimensions of a braided-texture rug but does not affect any other aspect of its quality. 
Handmade Variations:   All of our products must begin and end.  This process is the function of the machine operator or sewer.  Each has their own trademark.  Color changes are made during bobbin changes and are not imbalances in the product.
All the above properties are inherent to the homespun look and are evidence of its handmade quality.  Returns cannot be authorized because of them.   
Rug Repair: CMI offers rug repair at a price to be determined upon inspection by CMI.  The customer agrees to pay all freight charges.  Any used rug sent back for repairs must first be professionally cleaned.