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Fountain Care Instructions 



Choose an appropriate location for your fountain.  While fountains are designed to operate as splash free as possible, some water splashing out of the fountain is inevitable.  Place your fountain in a location where any splashing will not cause damage.


Keep your fountain full of water and clean of debris and dirt to ensure proper functioning of the pump.

If necessary, clean your fountain with a soft cloth and change the water frequently.  Due to water evaporation, you may see a buildup of white residue on the fountain surface from mineral content in the water supply.  To prevent such buildup, regularly clean your fountain with soap and water, do not use any abrasive, which may damage the applied finish.


Adjust the pump flow rate to achieve the desired effect and to minimize any splashing.  Splashing can occur if the flow rate is too high or the reservoir is too full.  The flow rate can be increased or decreased by moving the flow rate control slider on the pump body. Moving the stitch towards ‘+’ will increase the flow rate and moving it towards ‘-‘ will decrease it.