What is a Rear Mount Fountain and Where Would you Place It?
BLUworld offers fountains in both Rear Mount and Center Mount.  A Rear Mount design is great when you want to place your fountain up against a wall.  In this Rear Mount design, the tempered glass insert sits at the back edge of the basin, and water runs down the front of the glass only. A Rear Mounted fountains water flow is visible from the front only.
Assembly and Installation easy. Rear Mount water sound will be the same as in a center mount fountain.
Rear Mount Fountains are a perfect addition to all areas:
  • Displayed in an Entrance Way
  • On the Mantle
  • In the Dining Room
  • Behind a Wet Bar
  • On the stairs landing
  • At the end of a hallway
  • In the Boardroom
  • Behind a Reception Desk
  • In a Restaurant setting