Bluworld FAQs


1. What type of plug in adapter is required for these products? 


Standard household outlet


2. How much water does the 48" and the 72" hold? 


The 48” holds approx. 2-21/2 gallons, the 72” Watergarden 4-41/2 gallons, 72” Gardenfall 6-8 gallons


3. Does the water have to be changed frequently? Do you advise that a certain type of water be used to fill these? 


Distilled water is always recommended; the water should be completely removed and cleaned about once every three months.  The units (72” and larger) have a filtration system to keep the water free of debris.  The units need to be topped off with water as to keep the pump completely submersed.


4. What about filters and pumps? Do they have to be replaced? 


The filters are re-usable; they can be rinsed out and replaced in the unit.  The pumps have a one year warranty and do burn out occasionally.  This is primarily due to the pump being run without proper water levels, causing it to burn out the motor.  Bluworld does sell replacement pumps for the units.  Bluworld pumps are specially manufactured as to insure that the noise level of the pump does not interfere with sound of falling water.


5. What type of filter and pump come with these? 


The pump is manufactured for Bluworld in Italy, the filters are also Bluworld patented and specially made for Bluworld.


6. Where can one purchase replacement filters and pumps?


Contact or your nearest Bluworld dealer


7. The versions with the designs on them... is the design etched in or painted on? Is the design on the inside of the glass or the outside? 


The designs are all laser etched into the glass.  If there is a color involved, then the glass is etched and then hand painted.  The etching is always on the dry side of the glass, the water always falls on smooth glass, insuring that the glass can be cleaned effectively should calcium deposits build up.


8. The ancient frames that we offer state that they are crafted out of a reinforced fiber polymer. What exactly is that? 


Fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP) is a fiberglass product that is reinforced as to add strength and mold ability to the product.  FRP is the same product used to craft boats and watercraft.  It is extremely durable, and water proof.


9. Are these products designed to run 24/7? 


All Bluworld products are designed to run 24/7


10. Should they be plugged into a surge protector?   


A surge protector is always recommended


11. How do you clean these products? 


With normal glass cleaning products (Windex)


12. Are they prone to calcium deposits? 


Yes, in hard water areas, we recommend using a product called Ka-Boom found in most grocery and drug stores


13. Do they require that any additional chemicals be added to the water? 


No, there are two products that can be purchased from pool or aquarium supply stores called fountec and protect.  One reduces calcium, the other reduces algae


14. How thick is the glass? 




15. How are they packaged?


In 7 layered corrugate cardboard, foam caps, and poly bagged.  The larger units have a wood based MDF internal structure as to reduce the possibility of the frame being damaged in transit


16. What lamps come with them? (on the ones that state that a lamp is included) 


An underwater halogen light comes with all Bluworld products


17. Assembly instructions?  


They are attached


18. How long does assembly take for one individual? 


Less than 20 minutes assembly time, the 90” units require two (2) people to assemble


19. How long is your warranty?


One year.


20. How do you handle covering things that fall under the warranty time frame? 


All warranty issues are to be directed to Bluworld customer service.  Bluworld will support the warranty up to all issues except for a refund due to a manufacturer’s defect.  In that case, the distributor will be contacted as to resolve the issue.


21. Can you email me or fax me a copy of your warranty? 


It is in the instructions


22. If a product is damaged in transit, how do you handle that? Is a replacement issued out ASAP? 


The customer has 3 days to notify of any freight damage in order to be able to have this damage covered.  Our normal policy is to have the customer refuse the shipment should there be extensive freight damage that is apparent.  If not and they accept the shipment, to annotate on the bill of lading as to the nature of the damage.  Once we have received the returned product, a replacement will be sent to the customer at the same address as the original invoice.