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Why auraMIST?

Technology; Guaranteed

The nozzles in all auraMIST products are the world’s most efficient technology in the world for liquid atomization. The nozzles produce a one of a kind and extremely cooling DRY mist with low pressure. Compared to other pneumatic technologies, the nozzles not only produces the same mist droplet size as expensive high pressure units but reduces energy consumption and can spray much finer droplets with the same energy usage.

Drastically Low Operating Pressures

The nozzle produces ideal droplet sizes with approximately 20 psi of pressure. The result is a safe, easily serviceable and more sustainable product.

DRY Mist

auraMIST uses patented nozzle technology that produces a highly turbulent mixing between a gas and liquid leading to the generation of a spray of extremely fine droplets. Our low pressure system produces MIST that keeps you cool and satisfied – not wet.

Reduced Water Consumption

Our products efficiently use an on- board water supply to maximize run time per filling. The nozzles used in auraMIST products require approximately 1/8 gallon (1 pint) of water per hour compared to one, two, 10 and 30 whole gallons of water per hour that other misting nozzles and systems use.

Energy Efficient

Because of low operating pressures of auraMIST systems, you can cool with much less additional power-reduced power usage yet maintain or increase performance and quality.

The auraMIST Advantage

auraMIST develops and distributes inventive, high-performance, personal comfort DRY  misting products at outstanding values. auraMIST products utilize the world’s most efficient atomization patented nozzles to create a unique and extremely cool DRY mist. The nozzles create the same mist droplet size as high pressure systems with low pressure-reducing energy and water consumption. Performance, Value, and Sustainability. That is the auraMIST advantage.


Sustainability is one of auraMIST’s core values – and our products prove it. All auraMIST products require low energy to operate and utilize only 1/8 gallon (1 pint)  of water per hour per nozzle compared to one, two even 30 whole gallons of water per hour that other misting nozzles and systems use.


auraMIST strives for the highest quality materials and components in its products. All auraMIST products are covered by a limited one year warranty against defects and workmanship.