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How long will a tank last?

The auraMIST 30” misting fan has been designed to run for a continuous eight hours before needing to be refilled when misting at nominal flow rates.


How much water does the fan use?

It depends, the auraMIST’s 30” misting fan includes an adjustment so you can control how much water is introduced to the nozzles. We included this feature so you can optimize the effectiveness of the DRY mist to your climatic conditions. However, in most situations, effective cooling can be produced with less than 1 gallon of water per hour.


Can I use my fan without the misting system?

Absolutely.  If you are looking to just circulate air why have two fans?  And when it gets too warm, just turn the misting system on with the power switch located on the front of the lower mast.


Can I mist without the fan on?

Yes. The misting system can be used without the fan. The fan optimizes the cooling effectiveness over a larger area but the DRY mist can be enjoyed at close distances without it.


Does the fan have the ability to oscillate?

Yes. Each 30” misting fan has a button on the fan motor to oscillate the fan if desired.


Can I adjust the height of the fan?

The auraMIST 30” commercial misting fan is adjustable from 47” to 60” from the ground. This distance is measured to the center of the fan.


Do I need to add filtered water to the tank?

We recommend that with the 30” misting fan, as well as all other auraMIST water cooling products, only drinking water is added to the tank. If you would drink it, you can add it to the water tanks on our products.

The 30” misting fan also includes a pre-filter (located under the fill cap) and final five (5) micron filter as added measures to ensure a long service life of the water pump and misting nozzles.


I thought you needed a high pressure system to offer evaporative cooling without wetting?

Up until auraMIST’s products were introduced to the market, you would have been correct with this assumption. However, we spent the last couple years working with a group of scientists to develop a misting technology that will produce the same resultant droplet sizes typical of high pressure systems at extremely low pressures. While most high pressure misting systems operate with 800-1,000 psi of pressure, all of the current auraMIST products work with pressures less than 40 psi.


Will the system work in high humidity conditions?
The simple answer is yes. Though it is typical to see cooling of the air with our misting fans up to 30 degrees when the conditions are ideal (50% relative humidity). When the air is dryer, the cooling effectiveness goes up dramatically. However, even in the most humid areas our systems can cool the air up to 15 degrees.


Is any maintenance required?

The only maintenance we suggest is the replacement of your filters on an annual basis. Our nozzles do not require cleaning; it is also recommended that your water tanks are conditioned routinely.


Do I have to worry about the nozzles clogging?Another auraMIST advantage is that you do not need to perform routine maintenance on our misting nozzles. The same technology that brings you a high pressure quality mist with low pressure enables the use of a nozzle design that is self-cleaning. In the rare case that nozzle performance degrades, you can order replacements.