Installing an Aqua Rock™ Fountain Kit
In a Pot
5 Easy Steps

Step 1:  Drill about thirteen 1/4 in. holes around the bottom of
the five gallon bucket. Space the holes about 3 in.
apart. This will allow water to fill the bucket from the


Step 2:  Drill a 1-1/4 in. hole at the top of the pot.  This is for
the pump’s cord to go through, or you can drape the
cord over the side of the pot. Don’t let the water level
in the pot reach this hole.


Step 3:  Put the pump in the bucket and the bucket in the
pot. Run the hose and cord out the lid of the bucket.
Put the cord through the hole in the pot. Duct tape
the hole on the lid and the hole on the pot so that
no gravel can pass through the holes.


Step 4:  Fill the pot with decorative gravel. Make sure to clean
the gravel of dirt.


Step 5:  Put plants in the gravel for decoration. Keep them in
their pots and bury the pots in the gravel.  Slide the
rock onto the tube. Fill the pot with water and plug in.