Wicker Outdoor Furniture

     Many people think of wicker as a material used to make furniture.  Actually, wicker is the process of weaving different types of organic or synthetic materials into a finished product such as a basket, chair or table. Dating back to the Egyptian Empire, wicker furniture has come a long way, and has adorned castles and farmhouses alike.  What began as simple baskets and storage chests melded into furniture over the centuries. It seems to characterize clean country living and brings back the feeling of a simpler time. Because of its simplistic nature, chairs, sofas and porch swings made of woven materials have been popular for decades but could not withstand direct exposure to the elements.
        With the durable synthetic materials now available, such as resin, we can now enjoy wicker in our outdoor living spaces, something that wasn't possible before.  Today, we see a variety of styles and colors of resin wicker furniture, in every setting from the enclosed sunroom patio to the sunny pool deck.  With the limitless outdoor cushion options available you are free to create the perfect atmosphere for your outdoor space, from a southern farmhouse to a stately English garden fit for royalty. Resin Wicker is a great alternative when looking for outdoor patio furniture and has very hardy characteristics, including fade, UV, heat and frost resistance. It also tends to be relatively maintenance free, outside an occasional wiping off or hosing down.  No matter what style of home you inhabit, your patio, deck or courtyard can be and should be a place where family and friends settle in for a time of casual mingling.  Outdoor wicker furniture allows you to bring the comforts of your home to your outdoor areas; this is why outdoor wicker furniture is such a great choice.  The easy feeling that happens so effortlessly with this furniture is sure to welcome you and your guests time and time again.

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Wind Resistant Umbrellas:   The vast majority of patio umbrella users leave their umbrellas outdoors 90% of the time without closing, covering or storing them away from the harsh winds, rains, sun and outdoor weather conditions. While we all realize that winds are an unpredictable force of nature, and that at any given moment it can go from calm weather to brisk windy conditions in a matter of minutes. Mother Nature tends to create havoc with all of our outdoor and backyard areas, and patio umbrellas usually take the most abuse.
    Enter the new millennium, try our awesome wind resistant umbrellas and help fight mother natures unpredictable wind force. Our wind resistant patio umbrellas are made with heavy duty flexible fiberglass rib arms that actually absorb the winds forces instead of fighting it like a standard rigid wood umbrella or metal umbrella rib arm. The beauty of these awesome umbrellas is that once the rib arm flexes, it rebounds back to the original shape, unlike a metal rib arm that may bend and be ruined after a few healthy gusts.

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